Internal jugular vein

The Internal jugular vein recieves most of the veins from the area supplied by the Common carotid artery, which means it recieves the majority of blood in the head and neck.
Sigmoid sinus
Angulus venosus
Internal carotid artery
Common carotid artery
It is continuous from the sigmoid sinus at the jugular foramen, and descends along the lateral side of the Internal carotid artery at first, then along that of the Common carotid artery.
It joins the Subclavian vein at the angulus venosus, which continues into the Brachiocephalic vein.
Its origin and the terminal are dilated.
These diltations are called the superior bulb and the inferior bulb respectively.
In its course, it recieves the following veins;
occipital vein (it can join the external jugular vein)
common trunk of the facial, lingual, and Retromandibular veins
Superior thyroid veins
middle thyroid vein
  • Front
  • Back
  • Diagonally in front
  • Diagonally behind