Profunda brachii artery

The Profunda brachii artery (a.k.a. deep Brachial artery) is a branch of the Brachial artery.
Muscular branches:
Triceps brachii muscle
Deltoid muscle
Terminal branches:
Forearm through the arterial anastomoses around the elbow
It arises from the Brachial artery at the upper part of the arm.
It passes posteriorly between the medial and lateral heads of the triceps crachii muscle, then descends along the radial sulcus of the humerus, following the radial nerve.
At the middle of the arm, it divides into two collateral arteries: the radial and the medial collateral arteries, which are involved in formation of the arterial anastomoses around the elbow.
Brachial artery
Muscular branches for the deltoid and triceps brachii muscle
Terminal branches:
Radial collateral artery
Medial collateral artery
  • Front
  • Back
  • Diagonally in front
  • Diagonally behind