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What is teamlabBody Pro?

A "3D Anatomy App" that covers the entire human body including muscles, organs, nerves, bones, and joints The human body accurately reproduced based on CT and MRI data from a group of human subjects. The journal-level 3D model created under doctor supervision can be viewed from any angle, making it the perfect tool to use in various medical situations, such as when explaining operations to patients as well as assisting students in their anatomy studies.

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Why choose teamlabBody Pro

Journal-level content!
Journal-level content

Created under doctor supervision, the app includes journal-level information and can be personalized into your own reference of the human anatomy by using various functions!

Covers the entire human body
Covers all kinds of elements of the human body

A single app that covers all kinds of elements of the human body, such as muscles, organs, nerves, blood vessels, and bone movement.

The industry's first-ever cross section function
The industry's first-ever cross section viewing function

View cross sections of the human body from any angle. Changeable to any section, it is also recommended for ultrasound diagnosis!

*Cross sections are only available with the PREMIUM plan

Based on over 10 years of data, gathered together with a doctor

菅本一臣医師 写真

In 1998, Professor Kazuomi Sugamoto’s laboratory research team developed a method to analyze three-dimensional movement in the living human body for the first time in the orthopedic surgery industry. This method revealed that voluntary movements made by living human beings were different from involuntary movements observed in donor bodies thus far. Noticing the difference, the research team, composed of 20-30 participants, used CT and MRI scans of all the joints and joint movements to visualize muscles, nerves, blood vessels, bones, and joints in the human body, a process which took over 10 years to complete and analyze.

Supervised byDr. Kazuomi SugamotoFormer Professor of Orthopedics, at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Orthopaedic Biomaterial ScienceAbout Human 3D Kinematics (publication)


An intuitive 3D model that covers the entire body

Key features 1. View the body in its entirety 2. View each organ seamlessly and in detail 3. Vew each organ in three dimensions Nagivation enabled by Unity Technologies' Game Engine. teamLabBody was rewarded the Unity Award in 2013, becoming the first-ever Japanese recipient of the award.

The human body accurately reproduced based on CT and MRI data gathered over more than 10 years

The 3D model was created based on MRI images of a group of human subjects.

The movement of bones, joints, and muscles in the living human body

By analyzing MRI images of multiple postures and positions with an original software programme, we succeeded in analyzing bone and joint movement in three dimensions for the first time in the world, and to visualize that motion in three dimensions. (*Bone motion) This led to new findings on bone and joint movement that could not be found with research based on donor bodies, and these discoveries has been published in over 200 international research papers.


View any cross section of the human body. Recommended for ultrasound diagnosis!

Move the slide bar intuitively to view any cross section of the human body. Adjustable to 3 axes (horizontal cross section, vertical cross section, and frontal plane)

*Cross section views are only available with the PREMIUM plan


Unlimited access to journal-level analysis of the human anatomy

Tap any part of the body to access journal-lever information, written under doctor supervision


Use the Tag and Memo functions to create your very own reference of the human anatomy

Create tags for various body parts to instantly display desired conditions, or note down information directly on body parts. Easy to use, it is perfect for explaining to patients. Customize the app into your very own reference of human anatomy by using the Tag and Memo functions.


User Reviews


When you get used to it, it's a lot of fun being able to view elements such as organs in 3D so smoothly! Internal parts of cerebrum such as the hippocampus and the supramargnial gyrus look different from CT scans, so it was really insightful!

Useful for study sessions and explanations for patients!

Really valuable for co-medical study sessions and explaining operations to patients. Of course, I learn a lot from it myself as well. It's really well priced if you compare it to carrying around a thick anatomy textbook.

Really insightful

Not only can we see how the body is structured, but we can understand how the overall structure including bones, nerves, and organs as though It is great to use when explaining how the body works to children.

Covers the entire human body

Easy to navigate, and easy to find information you're looking for. Very helpful.

From reviews on the 2021 Edition

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1-Month free trial
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3D models of bones, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and organs
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Organs only×
Separate views of body parts
Language options
Bone motion
Tag and Memo functions
Switch viewing mode between bones, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and organs
View cross sections
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What is the recommended operating system to use the app?
Above iOS14.0 or over 9 for Androids.
How much is teamLabBody Pro?
teamLabBody Pro can be used on smartphones and tablets at a fixed yearly rate, from 4,900JPY to 9,800JPY. There are no additional costs or requirement to sign up for a long-term contract.
Is it possible to upgrade from the STANDARD to PREMIUM plan?
Yes. If you upgrade from the STANDARD to PREMIUM plan, the changes will take effect immediately. For iOS users, the remaining days of the previous plan will be reimbursed in several days. If you downgrade from the PREMIUM to STANDARD plan, the changes will be applied on your next billing date.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Subscriptions cannot be canceled via the app. To cancel your subscription, please follow the steps in your app store.
I would like a refund.
A refund can be requested via OS stores. Please view the terms and conditions of the respective stores.
Can I do a free trial of the STANDARD plan after after a free trial of the PREMIUM Plan?
A free trial is only valid once for either plan (not both). Please note that once the free trial period is over, you will automatically be subscribed to the respective plan. *If you cancel your plan within the free trial period, fees will not be charged
Can I log in with the same account from multiple devices?
teamLabBody Pro can can be used on smartphones, and tablets, and it is possible to access the app from multiple devices at the same time.
If I sign up for a subscription, can I use the app on both my smartphone and tablet?
It is possible as long as you log in with the same app store account.
Can receipts be issued?
A receipt can be issued via OS stores. Please view the terms and conditions of the respective stores.
Can I use still images and videos from the app on YouTube and blogs?
You may use the images and videos of the anatomy diagrams in this application free of charge only for the purpose of distributing information on video sharing services such as YouTube, blogs, and social medias. For details, feel free to check Guidelines page.

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